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Personal Real Estate Service

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Mallorca – Baleares

Our Services for you

Your Dream House in Mallorca
  • Mallorca is a special Place and an european Hot Spot for extraordinary properties. There is always a good choice of nice properties for all desires. Either with sea view, on the countryside, in Palma or in the mountains. A house on Mallorca Island is a good investment.
  • Use our outstanding experience and let us find your dream house in Mallorca. Please contact us and tell us your dreams and preferences.
Our Legal Team in Palma
  • Enjoy our legal experts for all purposes around acquiring your property. They speak English, German and Spanish. They are sprecialised in real estate and taxes, independently of your objective to use the property either as investement, your first or your second home.
  • In detail you will benefit from the following services
    • Assist you during the whole acquiring process from the option contract, notary contract until entry in the land register
    • Optimizing potential inheritance taxes
    • Foundation of legal entities
    • Real estate law
    • Rental of your house
Building Regulations
  • We are specialized in all legal topics around construction, specially related to contracts with construction firms and arquitects:
    • Analysis at local authorities of the given legal situation to construct
    • New construction plans
    • Apply or renew for planning permission or a building permit
    • Legalise existing buildings
Your Personal Assistant
  • We would like to be your personal coach for all topics from A to Z, providing you the guarantee for an good investement in your dream property in Mallorca.
  • Benefit from our international flavoured mallorquin mentality, which is the perfect base to understand your needs and preferences. We will introduce you to local conditions and habits.
  • You will gain access to an exclusive offering of properties, filtered and analyzed for you. You will benefit to receive local offerings directly from the owner.
  • You will be protected from aggressive real estate vendors. We defend first of all your interests.
  • We will be at your side during the whole time, keeping an eye on all details from the first step until you sign the contract to own your new house.
Property Law
  • Enjoy our consulting services from the beginning of your journey – we will be analyzing the property of your interest and all information about the current owner until entry in the land register:
    • Analyse of property situation
    • Entry in the land register
    • Proof to be habitable (Cedulas)
    • Proof of land charges or debts
    • Preparation of an option contract in Spanish, German and / or English
    • Preparation and supporting of the notary session
    • Entry in the land register without charges of the new owner

Our Network

  • Legal Advice
  • Exclusive Real Estate Experts
  • Architects
  • Construction Firms & Craftsmen
Gerboth & Partner Lawyers
Mario Pérez Wittmann

About Us


We lead and guide you to make you dreams come true. We accompany you with utmost discretion until the purchase of your new dream property. Our goal is that you focus what is important to yyou: the selection of the property you fall in love with. We make sure that all is as simple, straight forward and easy as possible.

Multiple languages

We speak German, French, English and Spanish and are internationally minded. This helps us to understand your preferences well. Our goal is to find your property matching your preferences and not vice versa. As we are not an real estate broker we can be independent and filter the properties matching your filter criteria and help you to safe money and time. And if you prefer we can protect your identity until signature of the contracts.

A warranty

We would like to be your personal coach, being your guarantee for a well done investment of your dream property in Mallorca or on any other balearic island. We are looking forward to receive your mail or phone call for a first conversation without any obligation.


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